You can download every fonts on this site.
Thesse are FREEWARE.

Terms of use

By Using OFGH&D fonts, you are understanding and agreeing to the terms of this license.
You may use this font software for personal and commercial use.
You can distribute the Web material which uses this font.
However, it is only a free case.
You cannot change the font data itself.
However, it restricts to personal use and you can do only conversion of a data format.
When you want to reproduce the font file itself to other media, such as CD-ROM, please consult in advance. It cannot reproduce without notice.
In being as follows, please consult in advance. A usage fee occurs depending on the case.
- When most visual elements are the designs of a font itself. (For example, use as titles, such as a logotype of a company name, a brand name, or a brand name or books, and WebSite, etc.)
- When the design of a font itself is the target of business. (For example, the material which uses a font mainly is distributed for pay)
The following acts are forbidden.
-Put this font on the market.
-Attach to the product aimed at obtaining profit without permission.
-Redistribute the font file itself by a website etc.
-Use it for the thing contrary to good public order and customs, or a thing with the possibility.

This use agreement may be changed without telling a user.
Even if damage arises by this font use, no responsibility is taken on us.

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